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5 Best Sands for Bearded Dragons

Most recommended
Desert Sand, Desert Terrarium Substrate
  • Color Black
  • Brand Exo Terra
  • Item Weight 10 Pounds

A good choice too
Flukers All Natural Premium Sand
  • Brand: Fluker
  • Size: Value not found
  • 6 pound bag

A good choice too
Caribsea Super Naturals Aquarium Sand
  • Size: 20-Pound
  • Color: Crystal River
  • made in the USA

Dry Ground English Walnut Shell
  • Zilla
  • 3.311 kilograms
  • All Ages

Flukers Natural Dune Reptile Sand
  • Size: 10 lb
  • Stimulates natural behavior
  • Brand: Fluker

Sands for Bearded Dragon

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