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Ball Python broken teeth?

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Jimmy Ward
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My ball python gets very aggressive during feeding time, and because of this I routinely toss a towel over his head so he doesn't strike me when putting him in his feeding tank.

Today he struck at the towel but missed and ended up biting a piece of bark at the bottom of his cage. I gently opened his mouth and removed the bark, but noticed he had broken quite a few teeth on the side the piece of bark was stuck.

My question is, should I wait a few weeks to feed him (an estimate on how long would be nice) and then try again and if he doesn't eat should I take him to a veterinarian, or should I take him now?

Bertha Jenkins
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You can feed him as you normally do. A trip to the vet is a smart thing to do. You do not want an infection to develop inside your snake's mouth. I do not how big your ball python is but, if he is large enough, you can try to start conditioning and controlling him with an appropriate sized snake hook.

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I would continue feeding him regularly. About the striking thing though does your snake have a cave and make sure the temp. is right. Ball pythons are very unaggressive.