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How often should you clean a baby veiled chameleon cage?

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I have a baby veiled chameleon and petco provided me little to no information about this

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A veiled cage should always be clean because they are sensitive and very hard to take care of. Ive owned 3 and currently have one. I always remove stools as soon as i notice them, or uneaten food, etc. anything that can grow molds or stinks. Other than that it should be thoroughly cleaned every 6 months atleast. Remove all ornaments wash them with scalding hot water to disinfect and wipe down any glass and stuff with very diluted white vinegar and water. Vinegar is a natural way to disinfect the cage and rinsed properly its an all natural solution. Chameleons are very sensitive to chemicals and they shouldn't be used around them. If you need any more info just ask!