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How active are Crested geckos during the afternoon?

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I'm getting crested geckos and I have a quick question! I am home on weekdays at 4:00pm. How active will my crested geckos be at this time? Around which time do they start to become more active? How active are they during the day? Also, how long after getting them can I handle them? How often after this can I handle them? They will be about 9 weeks old. Lastly, I was thinking of starting them both (I'm getting 2) off in a 5 gal for a few weeks and then moving them into a 20 gal once they are around 12 weeks old. Is this ok? Thanks!

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They won't be active until it's dark so probably 7ish. Also if you have the light on at night they're not going to come out because they'll think it's day. Also if you are going to keep them in the 5gallon for now be sure you have a screen lid. Also I hope teh 20 gallon is verticle and not horizontial because geckos need to climb up