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Is it bad that my turtle is missing some claws? Do I need to take him to the vet?

Donald Pierce
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He's a young (~5 inches) red-eared slider. He's missing 3 claws on one foot, 2 on the other and 1 on his front foot. The other front foot is fine. We've had him for two weeks. My gf got him from Petco where she works. He was dropped off by someone who didn't want him anymore. At Petco, he was put into a tank with 8 large turtles. That may have been when he lost those claws. We keep him in a 5 gal. tank by himself now. We just noticed this tonite. He doesn't seem to be in any pain, but I'm no turtle expert. He's eating (goldfish and pellets) and swimming fine. He's pretty active and feisty when we handle him. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.