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Exo Terra 24x18x24 Review

Exo Terra 24x18x24The Exo Terra Glass Terrarium was designed by European herpetologists, and makes great housing for your pet reptile, amphibian, or invertebrate with a variety of features! This terrarium can be used to house a variety of small terrestrial to arboreal exotic pets such as: Crested Gecko, Dart Frogs, Gold Dust Day Gecko, Lined Day Gecko, Neon Day Gecko, Electric Blue Gecko, Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula.

Exo Terra 24x18x24 Specifications

  • Dimensions: ‎ 12 x 12 x 18 inches
  • Weight: 15.76 Pounds
  • Total Volume: 12 gallons

Pros and Cons of Exo Terra 24x18x24


  • Front window ventilation
  • Dual doors for an escape-free access
  • Waterproof bottom
  • Raised bottom frame
  • Stainless steel mesh cover
  • Locks to prevent escape
  • Easy-twist screen cover lock
  • Closable inlets for wires and/or tubing
  • Attractive textured background with cutouts for wires and/or tubing


  • Like all Exo Terra terrariums, the price is the high. This is due to the high quality of the product, its innovative design, and its durability.

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