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Can a bearded drago...
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Can a bearded dragon pur?

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Franklin Watts
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The other night I have cuddling my beardie and she was getting very relaxed and enjoying herself a lot. I had my palm across her back with my thumb and fingers on either side of her stomach underneath her armpits. I was using the thumb and forefinger of my other hand to stroke the top of her head and underside of her chin simultaneously. After a few seconds of this she, without opening her mouth uttered a type of cooing noise that I had never heard from her before. Has this ever happened before? Or am I going insane 😛

Irma Rogers
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They do utter noises sometimes, but nothing like a pur. The only times mine have "squeaked" is when they were distressed (like when mean mommy was making them take a bath when they didn't want to).

But, sounds like you had a nice moment with your dragon, so if you think she purred, don't let anyone take that away from you! 😉