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Bearded dragon Pine wood enclosure?

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Irma Rogers
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I just read that pine wood is toxic to bearded dragons? Where is this information from? I just built a cage out of pine for my bearded dragon and then put water based poly to seal it. He has been in there for 3 days, and seems to be fine. Any comments on this??

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hi there

ok ur best bet ... is to move ur beardie to a tank when u do this ... and instead of water base poly ... use oil base let it air out till there is no smell and wash any residue out air dryed ... use approx 3-4 coats the problem with water base the toxicans still come threw...we make huge lg wooden enclosure and have test them for yrs b4 selling them we use 4 coats of polyurethane on the inside 3 on the out side but we don't use ceder or pine we use spruce...

hope this helps