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Can i keep the leopard gecko hatchlings together in one big faunarium?

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Can i keep the hatchlings in one big faunarium with a heat mat undernearth and 3-4 large hides a calci dish repti carpet, Water dish and mealworm dish? I need answers from breeders

P.S. Ill split the groups up like 2 in the spare viv and 2 in the faunarium, If there is 4 or more

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everything that danger erin said is right! except hatchlings dont bully eachother until they reach maturity but other than that everything she saids is right so i would also advise you to put them each in a different cage now you can put like 2 in one cage that would be ok cuz it would be easier for you to tell which one is sick now to tell which one is eating that will still be a problem so basically i would say put all of them in there own cage just to be safe cuz honestly im having trouble figuring out which one of my geckos are eating because i have them both in the same tank so im bout to seperate them now if you are feeding your geckos and your watching them then i would say you can put two in one tank but if they dont eat at the exact time you give it to them then i say you put them in there own cages i say that because some people feed there geckos during the day from there hands and they eat it when that person gives it to them but also there are some people like me who geckos wont eat during the day when you give it to them they just eat it during the night when your asleep so like i said if you put two leopard geckos in one cage make sure they eat at the exact time you give the food to them other wise they will eat it when your not looking or asleep i hope this helps good luck! 🙂