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Bearded Dragon in a...
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Bearded Dragon in a 46 gallon?

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I have a 46 gallon bow front tank that was meant for fish and Im thinking about getting a Bearded Dragon.Will it do ok in this tank? I know when I get it it will be young so about 6 inches but when it gets bigger will I have to get a bigger tank?If I can use this tank where could I find a top for this tank or will I have to make it?

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It'd be just fine for it to live in as a juvinile and as an adult.

I'd get a lid if you happen to have any cats, or any other animals that'd be curious about the new animal. My cats are always trying to look in, so the jump on the lid, so it's the best way to go.

If no threats to the animal(s) inside, you wouldn't really need a lid.

Good luck!